sobota, 1 maja 2010

Classes in Delhi

Would love to invite you for :

An unique classes of
Semi classical Bollywood dance
 based on elements of Kathak, belly dance, indian folk
and western contemporary.


For whom?
- all who loves Bollywood dance in semi classical style (like Madhurit Dixit, Aishwarya Rai,
movies like Devdas, Paheli etc)
- for all who find classical dances too difficult but would like to know basics of them
- all who would like to learn how to tell stories through movements, how to seduce
by gestures
- for all who loves indian culture and would like to have great fun while dancing in original
indian style

How look the classes;
- dance to music from Bollywood movies (u can choose ur favourite songs)
- choreographies suitable for stage, or home parties not for videoclips only
-  a lot of exercises for coordination and awarness of body, building ur selfconfidence
- how to use body language, hand gestures (mudras) and mimic (abhinaya) in dance
- improvisation in dance

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